Fiddler's Green


                                                                  2017 Farm Crew

                                                                  2017 Farm Crew

Fiddler's Green couldn't do it without all of our badass friends and neighbors who make this farm what it is!  We are excited to emphasize collaboration and cooperation to shape the ways the farm grows. 

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Ryan owns and operates Fiddler's Green Farm. After attending culinary school in Rhode Island, Ryan realized that his love for food was more firmly based in agriculture and how food is grown. After this realization he jumped head first into sustainable agriculture in Rhode Island, working on as many farms as he could and learning all he could for several years. A desire to see the southern Appalachians, and an opportunity of a management position at Ivy Creek Family Farm in Barnardsville brought him to the Asheville area in 2011. After three seasons there he was ready to embark on his own.  In 2014 he purchased the land that is now Fiddler's Green Farm and, with the support of friends and family, has turned it into a thriving farm.